Ray Hadley knows nothing about rugby league.

Ray Hadley knows nothing about the history of rugby league and he made that abundantly clear in comments about a young Indigenous Australian woman.

Hadley reacted with outrage to a social media post by NRLW player Caitlin Moran about the death of Queen Elizabeth II. He took to the airwaves to blast Moran and demand severe punishment from the Newcastle Knights and the NRL.

Moran posted comments on her social media account and deleted them about eight hours later following a severe backlash from the media and the public. A section of the post apparently read:

“…this dumb dog dies, happy f//ing Friday.” – in reference to Queen Elizabeth II.

Hadley publicly declared that this comment was:

“…perhaps the most reprehensible thing I’ve ever seen connected to rugby league.”

He also said the language was “vile”, “disgusting”, “inexcusable” and “beneath contempt”, before imploring his listeners to “just forget for a moment she’s Her Majesty the Queen”.


Elizabeth’s position as the head of the British Monarchy is the entire reason Moran posted that comment. Moran apparently posted the comment in reaction to the British colonisation of Australia, but Hadley said:

“…we can’t be held accountable for what happened in the past.”

Is this the most reprehensible thing ever connected to rugby league?

Has Hadley heard of Chis Dawson?

Dawson played for Newtown Jets from 1972 to 1977 and was recently found guilty of murdering his wife Lynette. Dawson played in what was the equivalent of the NRL before becoming a PE teacher at a school on the northern beaches of Sydney. It was there he met and started an affair with a teenage student, who he eventually brought to the family home to live with him and his children. At this time, Lynette disappeared, and after a lengthy trial and a famous podcast, Dawson was found guilty of murdering Lynette, essentially so he could continue an affair with a teenage girl.

According to Hadley, Moran’s social media post was worse than murdering your wife.

Has Hadley heard of Jarryd Hayne?

Hayne is possibly the most talented NRL player never to win a premiership. The superstar won a State of Origin game single-handedly in his prime, but will be remembered for something else. Hayne was found guilty of raping a woman in her home and was sent to prison.

According to Hadley, Moran’s social media post was worse than raping a woman.

Has Hadley heard of Manase Fainu?

Fainu was one of the most talented NRL hookers until he threw away his career. He was recently found guilty of stabbing a man outside a Mormon Church dance in Sydney, and was sent to prison.

According to Hadley, Moran’s social media post was worse than stabbing a man.

Hadley knows about these three former rugby league players, but perhaps he doesn’t know about The Fronwlow Medal.

The Fronwlow Medal is a satirical medal given to the footballer who commits the worst off-field scandal in any given year. It is open to any first-grade player from NRL, AFL, Super Rugby and A-Leagues (including men and women), and has been running since 2015. Every winner, except AFL player Elijah Taylor, has played NRL:

Shaun Kenny-Dowall

Corey Norman

Tim Simona

Karmichael Hunt

Ben Barba

Jarryd Hayne

What did they do?

Go to http://www.thefrownlowmedal.org, or to http://www.instagram.com/thefrownlowmedal, to find out what they and many more NRL players did to earn nominations for The Fronwlow Medal. You’ll find countless stories of off-field scandals involving NRL players you’ve barely heard of, as well as some of the giants of the game, including the ‘8th Immortal’.

You’ll also find a list of NRL players, past and present, who have been awarded a Wife Beater Tattoo from The Fronwlow Medal. This is something Hadley would find very interesting after his comments regarding Moran, because he is saying that Moran’s social media post is worse than the physical assault inflicted upon the female partners of the following NRL players:

Kenny Edwards

Zane Tetevano

Ben Barba

Jake Friend

Anthony Watts

Isaac Gordon

Richie Fa’aoso

Anthony Cherrington

Addin Fonua-Blake

Kirisome Auva’a

Jarryd Hayne

Jamil Hopoate

Joel Romelo

Matt Lodge

Stuart Webb

Now Ray Hadley knows a lot more about the history of rugby league.

Image: Getty Images


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