An open letter to AusCycling.

Dear AusCycling,

I am writing this open letter to ask you to end your partnership with Santos Ltd.

Santos is a fossil fuel company which is profiting from the destruction of the planet and is exploiting your organisation for sportswashing.

Santos and the remainder of the fossil fuel industry are destroying the planet. According to Greenpeace:

Fossil fuel companies are wrecking our climate

Fossil fuel companies are spending to lock-in climate pollution

Fossil fuel companies cause deadly air pollution

Fossil fuel companies cause water pollution

Fossil fuel companies perpetuate environmental injustice

Fossil fuel companies don’t treat workers fairly

Fossil fuel companies have misled the public about the climate threat

Fossil fuel companies are attacking solutions, while raking in tax breaks

Australia has the highest per capita carbon footprint of any nation on earth, and Aussies love sport. Fossil fuel corporations understand full well the power of sportwashing in a sports-mad nation and their partnership with your organisation is clearly an attempt to exploit Australian culture in an attempt to protect their public image.

According to the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility, “Santos has perfected the art of greenwashing, and shareholders continue to be misled by Santos’ clean energy claims.”

Furthermore, UK think tank InfluenceMap, labelled it the second most powerful corporation blocking climate action in Australia.

Burning fossil fuels also threatens the very existence of many sports, and could place elite athletes in danger if they are forced to push their body beyond its physical limits in extreme weather conditions.

Cutting ties with a fossil fuel corporation is possible. Tennis Australia ended its partnership with Santos, and still manages to host the Australian Open, one of only four majors. Yes, sport is a business. Yes, sporting organisations need money. I’m asking that you source that money from elsewhere, and not from Santos.

Yours Sincerely,

Kieran Blake

Image: AusCycling


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