Sanna Marin’s big mistake.

Sanna Marin should have behaved like a world leader. The Prime Minister of Finland recently appeared in leaked images across the internet partying, drinking and dancing, and has been accused of forgetting her status as a national leader.

Marin hosted a party at her taxpayer-funded residence, and photos emerged of topless women kissing each other amid scenes of drinking and dancing, while images from a nightclub show Marin dancing closely with people who are not her partner – one of whom is an attractive young woman.

Marin has attracted enormous criticism for her partying and was even subject to a drug test to prove she had not consumed any illicit substances. The 36-year-old married mother of one passed the test.

In her defence, Marin said:

“I spent the evening with friends. Partied pretty wild yes, danced and sang. I have not used drugs myself, or anything other than alcohol,”

The controversy is similar to that surrounding another young, attractive female politician, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a US politician who appeared in a viral video doing a silly dance in her youth.

Marin’s big mistake, and that of AOC, was to ignore the example set by other world leaders when enjoying a party.


If Marin had partied like politicians in Australia, she would have had sexual relations with a colleague, a staffer or even a prostitute in the prayer room of her federal parliament building – but she didn’t.

She would also have masturbated on the desk of a female politician, before sending videos of said act to other parliamentary staff via whatsapp. She could also have taken a nude selfie with a copy of the Parliament House rule book behind her – but she didn’t.

She might have (allegedly) sexually assaulted a young, intoxicated female staffer in the Defence Minister’s office, or allegedly done the same thing to a female high school student during a national schools debating competition. – but she didn’t.

She might also have used her power to press her inferiors for sex, or had sex with them when they were too drunk to consent, kissing them without consent – but she didn’t

If she were an Australian politician, she might have insulted female staffers with crude and misogynistic language, and made comments on their looks – but she didn’t.

Great Britain

If Marin had followed the lead of the Tories in England, she would have hosted a party, inside the most famous political residence in the world, in clear breach of the COVID-19 lockdown rules which prevented citizens of The UK from hosting parties. Then just denied any wrong doing, and denied and denied and denied…- but she didn’t

Still in the UK, she should have emulated the most noble people of all – the British royal family. If so, she would have partied among underage female victims of sex trafficking and would have enjoyed the company of these girls alongside a known sex trafficker and some of the world’s most powerful people – all without raising a sweat – but she didn’t.

The United States of America

If Marin had been elected to the highest office in the United States, her parties would have looked much different. At any time, she could have (allegedly) done any of the following:

Boasted about grabbing a woman’s genitals.

Reached a hand up a woman’s skirt and groped her while seated next to her on a flight, or at Mar-a-Lago.

Walked in on semi-naked, teenage beauty pageant contestants.

Harassed so many women that 26 of them accused her of misconduct, and earned her the title of Chief Pussy Grabber.

Then denied that it had happened because she was not physically attracted to the women making the accusations.

But Sanna Marin didn’t do any of this. She didn’t emulate male politicians in Australia, the United States or Great Britain, nor did she emulate a member of the British royal family. Her biggest mistake was that she partied while being a national leader, and a woman.

Image: Remo Casilli


One response to “Sanna Marin’s big mistake.”

  1. Brilliant! Good memories to compare how unfair this world is to women. BTW, it’s exhausting to be woman. I feel sad when this kind of situation happens, because it means that we are very far from achieving our freedom. Unfortunately it, and worse, doesn’t stop to happen arround the world, all the time.


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