Ralph The Rowdy Rooster. Chapter 8

Chapter 8



Edie woke up. She rolled over and looked at the clock:


She rolled over again

Wait, what?

6am, the clock read. She wasn’t wrong, and she wasn’t dreaming.

Yeah, they did it!

She rushed into Yarrow’s room. He wasn’t bashing toy soldiers together. He was lying on his bed with a huge smile on his face.

“Good morning,” they chirped at Mum and Dad when they went into the kitchen for breakfast.

“You’re looking very happy and energetic today,” their Mum commented.

“Yes, Ralph woke up at 6 o’clock this morning, not at 4 o’clock.”

“Wow. How did you do it?” asked Mum.

“We got another rooster from Mr Hart on the next property, and we put that rooster in the pen with Ralph,” said Edie.

“Yeah, he just wanted a friend,” explained Yarrow.

That day at school, Mrs Kauff asked a question. Edie shot her hand up in the air.

“Yes Edie”

“Photosynthesis,” she answered.

“Correct, well done.”

At recess, Yarrow played handball again and made it to King. He stayed there all during recess, and he stayed in King all the way through lunch. He was unbeatable.

Yarrow and Edie were happy and relaxed when they got home from school. They dumped their bags and raced through the house towards Ralph’s pen.

“Where are you going in such a hurry?” asked Dad.

To play with Ralph and … they still hadn’t chosen a name for the new rooster.

“Well, you’ll need this,” and Dad handed Yarrow an extra bucket of food scraps.

Yarrow and Edie scattered the double dose of food scraps all over the pen, and tried to decide what they should call Ralph’s new friend. When the roosters finished eating, the children started chasing them all over the enclosure. They ran around and around and around while smiling and laughing with energy and happiness.

Suddenly, Ralph stopped. Then the new rooster stopped. So did Yarrow, then Edie. Ralph put his beak up in the air, like he was smelling something, and Yarrow and Edie copied him.

What did they smell?


Image: Arib Neko


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