Ralph The Rowdy Rooster. Chapter 3.

Chapter 3



Edie woke up. She rolled over and looked at the clock:




Aaaaarggh, this is so frustrating!

“Your secret language didn’t work,” Edie said to Yarrow at the breakfast table.

“And your clock didn’t work,” Yarrow said to Edie.

“I’m so tired, what are we going to do?”

They started thinking of new ideas, but then they fell asleep. This was a big problem, because they woke up very late. Too late to catch the bus, and too late to get to school on time. That meant Yarrow couldn’t play handball, or do his favourite maths puzzles, or hear Mr Gresford read another story. And it meant Edie couldn’t learn about photosy…phostyso…photisyonpasenthelis…Worse still, she couldn’t apologise to Marcela for destroying her birthday cake.

Plus, Mum and Dad would not be happy when they got home from work.

Uh Oh!

Many hours later, Yarrow and Edie woke up again. They were really hungry, so it must have been after lunch time. They found themselves some food, and made their lunch. It didn’t taste as good as Mum and Dad’s sandwiches.

While they were eating, they did a brainstorm, to think of ways to make Ralph wake up after 4am. They decided they could try to make Ralph tired. Make him as tired as they felt; more tired than they felt. If they could do that, he would definitely go to sleep.

So, they walked into his enclosure and turned on some music. Then they started swaying from side to side. Then they started moving a bit faster. Ralph looked at them and he was shocked. They danced even faster and soon they were jumping and leaping and spinning around all over the enclosure. They turned up the music and danced wildly, and soon Ralph joined in. He didn’t have many dance moves, well, not as many as Edie and Yarrow, but he liked to walk round pushing his neck back and forward. He walked around the enclosure pushing his neck back and forward in time with the music, and Edie and Yarrow thought it was so funny that they copied him. They were having so much fun that they didn’t hear the car pull up.

EDIE, YARROW! Mum yelled. She was home from work and she was not happy.

That night, dinner was brussels sprouts, broccoli, raw carrot, plain rice and no sauce. Then they went straight to bed. Today was not a good day.

Image: Arib Neko


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