Mr Now!

Mr Now heard a strange noise.


He heard it again. This time it was louder.


Was it a bear?

Was it a tiger or a lion?

No, it was his tummy. Mr Now was very hungry.

He walked into the kitchen.

“Good morning Daddy,” he said.

“Good morning,” replied Daddy.

“I’m starving, I want some breakfast.”

“Starving? OK. I’ll get you breakfast in a moment,” Daddy said.

“No, I want breakfast now!”

Mr Now ate up all of his breakfast. Yummy.

Now it was time to play, but first Mr Now needed a box. He searched and searched the whole house and he found a box.

Why did he need a box?

Let’s find out.

In the box he put his joggers, helmet, gloves and sunglasses. Then he put his water bottle in the box.

But he couldn’t put everything inside the box.

Mr Now found Mummy, who was working on her computer.

“Mummy, let’s go for a bike ride,” he said.

“We’ll go for a ride later, when Daddy gets home,” Mummy said.

“No Mummy, let’s go now!”

Mr Now couldn’t go bike riding, so what could he do?

He sat on the lounge and started thinking.

A little while later, Mummy walked into the lounge room. She was shocked.

Can you guess why?

Mummy laughed at Mr Now.

“We can go swimming when Tim wakes up,” she said.

But Mr Now didn’t want to wait for his baby brother to wake up from his nap.

“No Mummy, let’s go now!”

When Tim woke up, they went swimming.

Mr Now loves swimming. He tried to run all the way to the lake, but he couldn’t run very fast. He couldn’t even walk very fast.

Mr Now had a great time at the lake.

When he got home, he thought to himself, what can I do now?

“Mummy, I want to paint,” he said.

“Sure, let’s paint after lunch,” said Mummy, and she went into the kitchen to make sandwiches.

“Mummy, I want to paint now!”

Mr Now started thinking.

What do I need for painting?

He found some paint and some brushes. He put some water in a jar.

“What else do I need Tim?” he asked his baby brother.

Tim pointed at the special painting apron.

“That’s right,” said Mr Now, and he put on the apron.

“Nooooooo,” Mummy called when she came back into the room.

What did Mummy see?

“What have you done?” said Mummy. She was not happy.

She put Tim into the bath to clean the paint off.

After lunch, Mummy made Mr Now clean the bathtub. It was not fun.

Later, Mr Now had an idea.

It was a good idea. Actually, it was a great idea.

He went to his bedroom. He put on a T-shirt and a long-sleeve shirt. He put on his ski pants and a jumper. Then he put on his ski jacket. It was very colourful.

What else does Mr Now need to wear to go skiing?

That’s right, he needs warm socks, gloves and a beanie.

“Daddy, where are my ski boots?” he asked.

“We can’t go skiing today, son. We’ll go another day,” Daddy replied.

“Let’s go skiing now!”

Do you know why Mr Now couldn’t go skiing?

Because it was summer. There’s no snow in summer.

Mr Now didn’t go skiing, but he did go swimming.

He didn’t paint a picture, but he did paint his baby brother.

He did go for a bike ride with Mummy, Daddy and Tim. They rode through the trees, beside the river and up and down the hills.

Mr now even found some jumps.

At the end of such a long day, Mr Now was tired.

Then he heard a strange noise.


Was it a bear?

Was it a tiger or a lion?

What was it?

After a tasty dinner, Mr Now had a bath, put on his pyjamas and brushed his teeth.

Then he took two books from the bookshelf. His two favourite books.

Daddy read one book to him, and Mummy read the second book. Mr Now loved reading books, so he raced to the bookshelf and grabbed more books. Many more books.

“We’ve finished reading. Nigh night beautiful boy,” said Mummy.

“Time to go to sleep now.”

“No Mummy, not now.”

Image: Garrett Jackson


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