Chilling in Jalisco.


La Manzanilla is very chilled. It’s a beautiful stretch of beach in Jalisco, Mexico, and is the perfect place to do just that – chill.

The fine, soft sand stretches for miles from the small village which hugs its southern headland, and the beach is a perfect place to swim in calm waters, walk, lie in a hammock or enjoy the sunset from one of the small bars or restaurants that front the beach.


What better way to relax on a tranquil beach than in a tent. I pitched mine right near the water’s edge and lulled myself to sleep every night to the sound of the waves lapping the shore.


I woke when I felt like waking, and when the rising sun beckoned me to stroll to the shoreline and glide into the cool, clear waters of Bahia de Tenacatita. Suitably refreshed, I ambled to a cafe to take my morning refreshment, before pondering the day ahead.

A lot of resting and chilling filled my time. Chilling in the hammock. Reading a book. Staring at the ocean and considering the meaning of life.

Following various bursts of inspiration, I did rouse myself to engage in more active pursuits. I drove to Boca de Iguanas, the beach tucked into the distant headland which shares this patch of sand.

Boca de Iguanas offered slightly bigger waves and a little more excitement, while retaining the casual air of most Mexican beaches which have not been ‘acquired’ by private hotels. This is one of the great advantages of La Manzanilla, and Boca de Iguanas. They are still accessible to the public, unlike most of the beautiful beaches which hug the coastline of Jalisco.

As a result, visitors can pitch a tent for a few pesos for a night, and while away the days relaxing on a beautiful beach.


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