Mariposas Monarcas of Zitacuaro.


A forest covered in butterflies is truly a breathtaking sight.

Trees are blanketed in an orange fur which only reveals itself as a living entity once the butterflies move en-masse.

Thousands upon thousands of monarch butterflies weigh down the branches of the trees like snow in a northern winter. The experience is truly special and mesmerising.

Witnessing this sight on horseback seems a fitting way to journey through the forests of Zitacuaro, in the state of Michoacan, Mexico, where the butterflies congregate in huge numbers during their annual migration.


Treading softly through the wooded paths on horseback not only offers the visitor a modicum of comfort not available through hiking, but permits a silent and tranquil passage through the habitat of the delicate, beautiful butterflies.

Soon, every tree is laden with butterflies, and visitors are encouraged to remain quiet and to observe the captivating theatre that performs before their eyes.

There is nothing more to do than savour this nature of wonder.


The theme of tranquility is continued in the town of San Pancho, Zitacuaro, which offers the traveller a suitable opportunity for a pleasant stroll and lodging.







One response to “Mariposas Monarcas of Zitacuaro.”

  1. Amazing experience! I never imagined that there is a place like that! Everything beautiful: the place, the view, the girl and the butterflies. Very good to be able to visit the places through your blog… 🙂


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