Israel Folau Plays Hugby.


Israel plays Hugby. He plays Hugby for NSW and Australia and he is one of the best and most famous Hugby players in the world.

He loves playing Hugby.

He also gets played a lot of money to play Hugby.

I know what you’re thinking, Israel Foloau plays Rugby.

Not according to a Brazilian friend in Sydney, Australia, home to Folau’s club team, The  NSWWaratahs.

According to my Brazilian friend, Folau and his teammates play Hugby, because Brazilians often replace the R sound with the H sound when they speak English.

So, Rugby becomes Hugby.

I learned this when I went to a friend’s house to watch a game of Super Rugby, and his Brazilian wife asked which football code we were watching on that particular occasion. We told her “Rugby”, as we call it colloquially in Australia, as opposed to “League”, the vernacular for Rugby League.

When we told her we’d be taking over the lounge room to watch Hugby, she joined her friends to ‘fofocar’, after asking;

“Is this the game where they run into each other or the game where they jump on top of each other?”

According to Samia, League players just run into each other, while Hugby players just jump on top of each other.

I’m sure Israel Folau loves jumping on top of other players, he loves Hugby.



One response to “Israel Folau Plays Hugby.”

  1. Funny! While reading, as a Brazilian I almost could hear she speaking that way. This case is similar of handyman and that another word that I can´t write here. But I think that in this situation is the opposite side, correct? 😉


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