Big Game 2: Would You Save The President?


Action blockbuster Big Game returns to screens in 2018 as Donald Trump stars alongside Finnish teenager Oskari, who must decide whether to save the president or leave him to face the wrath of his enemies.

Espionage and international conspiracies form a strong sub-plot in this fast-paced, high-octane sequel to the 2014 blockbuster, in which Oskari saved the life of the US president.

The movie opens with Trump’s enemies forming and breaking alliances in a desperate bid to assassinate him. Groups from every corner of the globe race to get their hands on the President, whose plane has crashed in Finland because he insisted on tweeting during take-off.

Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a dashing, bare-chested cameo as both friend and foe of the president, while the world’s most feared terrorists compete with the entire Latin American continent, Kim Jong-un, the Chinese government, environmentalists, the free press, African-Americans, First Nations People, the PLO, women, Ivana Trump and the FBI to eliminate the most powerful man in the world.

While elements of the plot may sound familiar to fans of the original, the setting of the movie has changed dramatically.

The pristine Finnish wilderness that Oskari once called home has been decimated after Trump granted concessions to mining, resource and fracking companies and approved the construction of a giant US military base, as an act of gratitude to the Fins for putting America First in the original movie.

Putrid rivers and contamination create mutant species which Oskari is forced to hunt to supplement the meagre income he receives from working night shift at McDonald’s. Osakri’s once proud father is now a depressed alcoholic after a severe and uncompensated accident at the American owned mine left him in a wheelchair and without a source of income. As a result, Oskari’s younger sisters are forced to service the thousands of bored, cashed-up US soldiers and miners in order to pay for the father’s medical bills and put food on the table.

As enemies converge on Trump, the climax of the film sees Osakri tracking a giant mutated rat like creature which is drinking from one of the many polluted rivers downstream from a US fracking operation.

With eyes fixed on the target, Oskari realises that what he thought was the fur of the mutant creature is actually Trump’s famous comb over. Should he take the shot?

In cinema’s soon.





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