Journey of A Garden: Broccoli. Fail.


The Broccoli failed.

I don’t really know why. Maybe I planted them too late in the season. Maybe the temperature was incorrect. I have heard since planting that they might prefer cooler weather. Alas, my garden will have no broccoli this season.

The garden is at the back of a rental property on the south coast of New South Wales, about 2 hours south of Sydney, Australia. The soil is generally fertile in a region famous for dairy farming and viticulture, although the garden had been stripped of much of its nutrients when I moved in, courtesy of the previous tenant’s neglect and a dry winter. The garden attracts quite a lot of sun, during very warm summer months and even during colder winter months in what is typically a temperate climate. The area is also famous for beaches and surfing, which is great after a day of hard yakka in the garden.

The broccoli should be sprouting in the soil just behind Ben the Beserker, my fearsome protector of all things organic. Instead, the soil lays barren in this section of the fortress.

Now Ben has only to guard the eggplant that grows in the other half of the fortress – the fortified garden bed constructed with paving bricks I acquired.

I guess I will have to wait until next season to plant broccoli and in the meantime consider planting something else in the garden bed.




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