Do Gender Neutral People Have a Sexuality?


People who identify as Gender Neutral define themselves as having no gender. They are not male, they are not female and they are not transgender. They identify as having no gender at all, regardless of the gender at the time of their birth. With this in mind, how do they classify their sexuality?

Gender Neutral people don’t necessarily fit into any of the categories encapsulated within the LGBTQIPPAK+ spectrum.

They can’t be classified as Heterosexual because, in order to be Heterosexual, one must be either male or female and be attracted to people of the opposite sex. Gender Neutral people are not male or female.

They can’t be labelled as Gay, because, according to the LGBTQIPPAK + nomenclature, Gay refers to a man who is physiologically male and is attracted to another man who also possesses all of the necessary moving parts. Gender Neutral people do not identify as male.

Gender Neutral people cannot be placed in the category of Lesbian either, because a Lesbian is a female, with female physiology, who is attracted to other women with female physiology. Gender Neutral people do not identify as female.

Gender Neutral people are not necessarily Bisexual. They might be Bi, they might not be. They can only be Bi if they are attracted to both males and females and the term Gender Neutral does not specify their preference for both men and women.

Well then, they must be Transgender.

Transgender seems initially to be the most accurate label for a person who identifies as Gender Neutral, but this is not necessarily true. The difference between these two definitions is that Transgender people self-identify with a particular gender. For example, a person who is born male, and possesses male physiology, identifies as being female because that person feels like a female – physically, mentally and emotionally. A person who identifies as a particular gender, cannot be Gender Neutral.

It is also important to remember, at this juncture, that Transgender is not the same as Transsexual. Transsexual people have made physical changes, usually through surgery, in-order-to alter their gender. Transgender people have not necessarily undertaken any physical alteration.

Gender Neutral people might be identified as Queer. Queer is a broad term which can define anyone within the LGBTQIPPAK+ spectrum. It can include anyone who is not sure of their gender or sexuality, or people who don’t want to be affixed with a specific label. This would seem to be the most appropriate label for a person who is Gender Neutral.

The sexuality of Gender Neutral people is not Intersexed. Primarily, because Intersexed does not describe sexuality, it describes gender. Secondly, because Intersexed people are those who are born with both male and female anatomy and, as we have established, the term gender neutral does not refer to someone’s physical make up, it refers to someone’s conviction that they do not have a specific gender.

They might be Asexual, but they also might not be. Asexual refers to people with a low interest in sex, or not interest in sex at all, for whatever reason. Gender neutral people may have little interest in sex, but this may not be true and, again, the designation of Gender Neutral does not indicate a lack of interest in sex.

Pansexual also sounds like a term that could be attached to Gender Neutral people, but upon further consideration, it is also not a sufficient definition. Pansexual people declare an attraction to people of any gender or sexuality and often a heightened interest in sexual activity. Miley Cyrus recently declared herself Pansexual and her public behaviour certainly places her firmly within this category. If Gender Neutral people share Miley’s proclivities, then, yes, they could be defined as Pansexual, but if they are faithful to one person, or attracted to only one gender, then they are not Pansexual. So, they may or may not be Pansexual, just as Miley Cyrus may or may not be Pansexual, depending on the sales of her latest single or album.

Similarly, Gender Neutral people may or may not be Polyamorous or Polygamous, depending on their attachment to one person or gender, or their willingness to enter into an open relationship. This depends on the individual.

Who knows, they might be Trisexual if they enjoy threesomes.

Finally, a person who identifies as Gender Neutral may or may not fall under the category of Kink. Kink refers to…yes, you guessed it…people who enjoy Kinky escapades and adopt a more open-minded approach to sex and sexuality. Gender Neutral people may or may not be Kinky, depending on their breadth and depth of their imagination or the number of times they have watched Fifty Shades of Grey or read the Kama Sutra (or just looked at the pictures).

Thus, the most accurate category in which to place a person who is Gender Neutral appears to be Queer, which actually exists in order to avoid categorisation. This, in itself, suggests that narrow and definitive labelling of people’s sexuality is perhaps futile and unnecessary and that an open mind among all members of society will allow people to discover their own gender and sexuality in their own time and space.


One response to “Do Gender Neutral People Have a Sexuality?”

  1. Your point of view is perfect! “…narrow and definitive labeling of people’s sexuality is perhaps futile and unnecessary and that an open mind among all members of society will allow people to discover their own gender and sexuality in their own time and space.”


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