Journey of A Garden: Potatoes and Silverbeet.


My potatoes are progressing quite nicely, as is the silverbeet. These two are bedfellows in my largest garden bed and appear to be reacting favourably to the nutritious soil, ample sunlight and the mixture of water and and worm juice farm which I sprinkle upon them on a regular basis.

The silverbeet is growing from shoots I bought from the nursery and the potatoes originated from other potatoes, which I bought from the supermarket and buried in the soil some time ago.

I’ve already started eating the silverbeet, in fact it is the first ingredient from my garden that I’ve been able to harvest and has become a genuine mainstay of my diet.

The potatoes will hopefully be edible in the near future – I think. The potatoes which were buried were not designated seed potatoes, which were recommended in the literature that I read before planting potatoes.

I had considered acquiring some seed potatoes but I think, ultimately, it seemed complicated, or I was just too lazy. I just threw in some potatoes that I already had in the kitchen. They are growing, but I know the ultimate test will be in the eating.

Even if the first batch are not ideal for eating, I’m hoping I can bury them in the soil and thus start a new cycle of growth which will bear edible potatoes.


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