Journey of A Garden: Pick the Odd One Out.


Did you get it?

Did you pick the odd one out?

It’s the one without anything growing inside. The one that has, so far, not produced a shoot from seeds that were recently placed in the jar.

Three sets of seeds were placed in the jars. First, the seeds were wrapped in damp tissue, then placed in the bottom of the jars. The lids were closed on top of the jars and the seeds were left – only checked every few days to maintain the dampness and to look for any signs of growth.

So far, two of the jars have produced tiny shoots of cherry tomatoes, which I can hopefully transplant one day into the garden bed.

The method was suggested by a friend and at first seemed too simple – but it worked.

I guess, like many gardening techniques, it is quite simple, and so it should be. After all, most of the food we have eaten for thousands of years has been grown from the earth with a fairly simple combination of water, sunlight and sufficiently healthy soil.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that growing our own food in our own properties is not overly difficult.

The jars are used scented candle jars.

I use the candles to create a nice aroma in my house, especially since the previous house I lived in was very damp, and always smelt damp. Now, I just like the smell.

I don’t know if i’ll be eating cherry tomatoes that taste on sandalwood or jasmine in the future.

So, which is the odd one out?

Ta da!


It’s the middle one.

Did you pick it?


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