Journey of A Garden: I Did Plant Basil Seeds After All.


It seems I did plant purple basil seeds after all.

I wasn’t sure if I had actually planted any because the seeds are so tiny and dark that they disappeared when I dropped them into the dark soil.

A few weeks later, though, they have produced four seedlings, as can be seen in the photo above.

Interestingly, I achieved different results for two different seed trays. One was left inside, the other left outside. The seeds left inside started sprouting, the tray left outside has produced nothing yet.

I assume the outside seeds will not produce anything as they should have shown some signs of life by now. Maybe it was too cold overnight for the seeds left outside. Even though it is technically spring/summer in this part of the world, evenings and mornings are still cool, between 10 – 16 degrees Celsius.

In that case, I think this is a good lesson learned. In future I will keep more seeds inside until they reach a certain level of maturity – much like children really, although it could be argued that some children never reach a level of maturity, they just become footballers or politicians.

I’m looking forwarding to garnishing my meals with some purple basil in the near future.


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