Journey of a Garden: I Just Planted Purple Basil Seeds …Apparently.


I just planted some purple basil seeds into a makeshift seed tray filled with potting mix – well at least I think I did.

The purple basil seeds are tiny once removed from their casings and they’re dark in colour, which means they camouflage perfectly with the dark potting mix which will nurture them to a delicious herb and additive to my garden.

The garden is at the back of a rental property on the south coast of New South Wales, about 2 hours south of Sydney, Australia. The soil is generally fertile in a region famous for dairy farming and viticulture, although the garden had been stripped of much of its nutrients when I moved in, courtesy of the previous tenant’s neglect and a dry winter. The garden attracts quite a lot of sun, during very warm summer months and even during colder winter months in what is typically a temperate climate. The area is also famous for beaches and surfing, which is great after a day of hard yakka in the garden.

I extracted the tiny seeds from their casing then left the seeds on a plate, then spent so long trying to find the seeds that I started to wonder if it’s time for glasses. I also had to chase some of them arounfd the garden because I stupidly decided to do this outside on a very windy afternoon – not a good idea. Once I located the seeds, I raised them with the tip of my index finger before dropping them into slight depression I’d made in the soil. Once the seeds fell into the soil, I had no way of knowing if they had actually landed in the desired area, so I made sure I sprinkled at least two seeds in each section of the seed tray, which is actually an old egg carton.

I placed two in each section because I wanted each seed to have some company, it seemed only fair. I also planted in pairs to make sure there was at least one seed in each section.

After dampening the soil, I placed one tray outside on a ledge in the shade and I left the other tray inside on a bench in the kitchen. I’m curious to see if this makes any difference to their growth.

In a short while, I’m hoping to add flavour to my pasta and other dishes with my purple basil, that’s if I actually planted any.




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