Brexit Leave Voters Campaign to Remove Bodalla from Eurobodalla Shire.



Members of the movement which succeeded in removing Great Britain from the European Union have launched a new campaign to remove the small town of Bodalla from Eurobodalla Shire in Australia.

Bouyant leave voters descended en masse to the town on the NSW South Coast in an effort to persuade the townsfolk to break ties with its Euro namesake and retain its identity and independence.

“Leave the Euro!,” shouted protesters, “Bodalla must stand alone, strong, independent and free.”

Protesters centred their campaign on the current union’s threat to the identity of the 150-year-old town.

“Bodalla produced Australia’s first commercial cheese and its first cheese exports,” explained local Archivist and Historian, Iva Gudmemri.

“Much of this was achieved through age-old methods such as old-fashioned batch pastuerising.”

These traditions are in danger of being lost, claim the Brexit campaigners, due to the town’s current ties with the wider shire.

The Brits spent the first day of the campaign sun-baking and chasing Kangaroos and Emus around Potato Point Beach, before taking their Great British tan for a night of cheese tasting and Fosters at the Bodalla Arms Hotel.

The subsequent hangover fuelled their vociferous and aggressive march, which began at The Big Cheese and wound its way through the streets of the town.

Locals, meanwhile, appeared perplexed at the demonstration, arguing that they look forward to the annual influx of visitors to quaint town and surrounding area.

“We like meeting new people…” they commented “…and it’s a great boost to the local economy.”


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