Christmas Mass Challenges Star Wars for Box Office Supremacy.


Christian churches threatened to overtake the latest Star Wars movie as a box office attraction as thousands of Australian families made their bi-annual trip to church to enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day mass.

Families packed churches throughout the country in order to secure front row seats to the special song and dance performances.

Ian and Pam were highly satisfied with the entertainment offered at Holy Spirit Church Sydney on Christmas Eve.

“The kids love the show,” commented Ian “We bring them every year to see the nativity play and enjoy the Christmas songs and the carols. Plus, it’s cheaper than the movies.”

Fellow attendees Jan and Gary also believed the trip into the city was worthwhile.

“We missed the Carols in the park this year unfortunately, what with all the shopping and searching for gifts, so it was great that we could come here and give our kids an authentic Christmas experience. Plus, we love what they’ve done to the décor, I’m sure they’ve painted it since we were last here at Easter” said Jan

Asked for their opinion of the Sermon, both couples explained that they hadn’t yet seen that movie but would take the time to search for it on Netflix once they had made it through the frantic and busy festive season.

“We barely survived Christmas shopping this year with the mad rush to get them all bought and wrapped before the big day. In fact, we’re going home now to wrap a certain gift for a certain young boy before we leave out milk and carrots for Santa,” whispered Jan.

Neither couple were able to stay for the traditional ceremony of receiving communion as they were conscious of getting their weary young children home in time for dinner, bath and bed.

“We could see the kids had had enough once the performance had finished so I think it’s time we got them home” said Gary.

“Tomorrow’s a big day for them, plus we don’t want them to be too tired to open all of their presents in the morning.”

Image: Daniel Tseng



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