The Block to Feature Asylum Seekers in Biggest Season Ever.


Channel Nine’s hit reality TV series, The Block, will pit refugees against each other for the right to remain in Australia in what promises to be the most enthralling series to date.

The network has secured exclusive rights to detention centres on Manus Island, Christmas Island and Nauru, which has enabled them to stage a groundbreaking series which will see asylum seekers compete against each other to complete the best renovation of their own living quarters.

The overall series winners will be granted automatic Australian citizenship as well as the privilege of living in their renovated abode while they await processing of their documents.

“Once the paperwork is taken care of, they will enjoy the right to live on unemployment benefits or steal Australian jobs” announced a network spokesperson.

Prizes for minor places include Australian residence and family reunion visas.

“But don’t worry…” assured host Scott Cam, during the official launch outside Melbourne’s Crown Casino, “…no one leaves the series empty handed. Losers still receive a one way ticket back to where they came from. That’s why we’ve tagged this season;

‘Go Hard or Go Home’”

Producers also revealed a unique addition to the hugely popular show with special guest lectures on Australian cultural assimilation from Rugby League Footy Show star Beau Ryan. Further twists to be introduced this season include audience participation and special guest judges.

“Channel Nine viewers will have the chance to vote people off each week through our various social media platforms. We’re expecting a lot of our viewers to participate in this process because The Block will run straight after A Current Affair” explained Cam.

Viewers will also have a role in choosing contestants. Potential participants will be selected from the vast pool of occupants in the detention centres based on the audience’s perception of their ‘on air presence’, as well as their performance in a preliminary challenge which consists of constructing the residence to house the entire cast and crew of The Block throughout the filming process.

“But one of our most exciting additions is the new judging panel. Regular favourites will be joined by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Peter Dutton. Both are said to be very excited about their involvement in the series.” confirmed a spokesperson, before adding;

“This will be one of the most edgy reality TV series ever seen in this country. Using real refugees in real life and death situations is bound to increase audience engagement, particularly when contestants face elimination. This is the kind of reality most TV producers can only dream of.”

“Plus, using refugees greatly reduces production costs.”



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