Sydney Real Estate Prices Force NSW to Throw Origin Game 1.


Sydney’s exorbitant real estate prices are being blamed for the NRL’s latest game fixing scandal as NSW players face accusations of deliberately losing 6-4 to Queensland in game 1 of State of Origin at ANZ Stadium recently.

Rumours grew stronger when the entire team was seen at various auctions and estate agencies the day after the loss to their arch enemy.

“There’s no other way to explain that loss” claims league fan Doug Stanton, the man behind the drive to convince the NRL Integrity Unit to investigate the result of the game.

“NSW beat themselves. In the second half they had Queensland out on their feet and had endless sets of six in their half but still couldn’t score” Stanton continued.

“It’s like they didn’t want to.”

It is being claimed that the Blues accepted bribes from their cashed up opponents, who don’t face the same financial pressure in the sunshine state when attempting to purchase property.

Most of the accusations have been directed towards Dylan Walker, Josh Dugan and Josh Morris.

Walker attracted suspicion for his feeble and failed attempt to milk a penalty in the dying minutes of the game and he was later reported to be inspecting Green Square apartments in inner Sydney with agents from a high profile Sydney property firm.

“We can confirm that Mr . Walker did indeed inspect a number of highly sought after luxury apartments at Green Square, which is, in fact, a destination and a lifestyle more than a property” blabbed a representative of the firm.

“It is evident the rookie is attempting to secure a foot in the market using the financial gain from his recent sporting endeavours.”

Morris and Dugan are also said to be in collusion.

Dugan starred for the Blues in 2015 but withdrew from game 1 at the last minute, leaving Morris to defend one of the true international superstars of the game, Greg Inglis. While Morris managed admirably to subdue the Rabbitohs star for most of the game, an inexplicable fumble ruined a fine attacking opportunity for the Blues.

The Bulldogs centre also came agonizingly close to scoring a try which would have won the game for the home team, but fell suspiciously short by mere centimetres.

Morris and Dugan were also busy house hunting together after the defeat, although sources confirm that Dugan is more interested in sharing property with good mate Blake Ferguson.

Morris was reluctant to discuss the claims, but spoke briefly to reporters after an auction at Leppington, in Sydney’s west.

“Look, mate, what are we supposed to do? The mean property price here in Leppington is 1 million – and seriously, no one’s even heard of Leppington.”

Laurie Daley is also embroiled in the controversy. According to a source within the Blues’ inner sanctum, Daley organised a property seminar disguised as a traditional boozy bonding session at a recently gentrified Sydney pub before the team camp in Coffs Harbour. Here players allegedly learned about topics such as investment, sub-letting, stamp duty and negative gearing.

“When we mentioned negative gearing, the boys all thought there’d be a stripper” revealed the source.

Daley raised further suspicion when he took the players into a secluded room at half time of game 1, leaving Channel 9 commentator Brad Fittler dumbfounded in the dressing room, while the coach discussed recent fluctuations in the Sydney housing market and their implications.

Blues fans themselves have reacted with mixed emotions to the news, with many feeling betrayed by their heroes but simultaneously displaying empathy with anyone attempting to buy property in Sydney without resorting to selling their first born child.

The NRL is yet to comment on the accusations as it deals with existing allegations concerning previous matches.

Image: Seb Zurcher



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