Compost Kebabs.


I made compost kebabs recently.

I hope my worms like them.


I wrapped food waste in take away paper bags and in newspaper.



I then put some of the ‘kebabs’ into the freezer and some of the ‘kebabs’ directly into the compost.



I ran out of space in the fridge, and in the plastic container in which I normally leave my scraps, so I needed another ‘container’ in which to store my scraps before I put them into the compost.

I keep my scraps in the fridge because I live in the tropics and the heat and humidity cause the scraps to go off very quickly.


I then put some of the kebabs into the freezer because of a lack of space in the fridge but also because it freezes the scraps before they go into the compost which in turn (hopefully) cools the compost itself, which is prone to overheating in the tropics. It also hasn’t rained much here recently, due to El Nino, so I’m hoping some of the frost on the scraps and the bags will seep out into the soil and cool the compost system – I hope.

The lack of rain has created even warmer weather than normal and so a lot of heat is trapped in the compost itself.I placed the kebabs in the middle of the compost then covered them over with dirt and organic waste .


I thought this might be an effective way of recycling my brown paper bags and cooling my compost system, even if only slightly. My worms are also very productive creatures so I thought it was only fair to reward them with some home delivery.

I welcome any comments, hints or tips from fellow composters, permaculturalists or gardeners who can advise me on how to improve my compost.



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