Attempted Wildlife Rescue.

I came home to discover two juvenile birds in the drain that runs around my house.20160602_180510

A friend and I scooped up the little birds and put them into a brown paper bag while we decided what to do with them.

One of them was completely incapable of flying while the other one could fly a little bit but not enough to stay off the ground for any length of time.


I think they’re baby swiftlets. Swiftlets are abundant near my house and have established a little nest on the ceiling under my house.


I think the birds fell or lept out of the nest, they were in the drain not far from the nest. The nest has been on the ceiling for a few months.

I’ve never attempted to rescue an animal before so I don’t really know what I’m doing. I wasn’t sure whether to leave the birds in the drain and let nature take it’s course or whether to intervene.

My friend and I decided to build a little improvised bird house and hang it from a tree, thinking this would at least keep them away from land based predators. There are quite a few domestic and feral cats as well as dogs, monitor lizards and other tropical creatures around my house.


We filled a strainer with grass and filled a little plastic container with water before leaving it in the strainer, using whatever we could find in the garage to build the little house. We then placed the birds in the house.

Initially, the most lame bird made the most effort to escape but was unable. Soon after, both of the birds settled into their new home.

We’re hoping they’ll be safe there temporarily, until mummy turns up to feed them, or until they can recover sufficiently to fly, move or survive on their own.

I left the birds in the ‘house’. I’ll check again in the morning and see how they’re doing.

As I said, I’ve never attempted to save an animal before so if anyone has anyone constructive tips or advice, i’d love to hear them.


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