Meandering Through Mangroves in Brunei Bay.


A leisurely Sunday afternoon meandering the mangroves of Brunei Bay.

A helpful guide. A cool breeze. Refuge from the heat.

Friendly locals and fellow visitors.

A yellow ringed cat snake. Curled up, sleeping. Birds and more birds.

A live chicken.

A pleasant way to spend $30 and a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Money well spent, contributed to 1stopbruneiwildlife, a local conservation and environmental protection group.

Contributed to their ongoing conservation projects.

Mangroves within minutes of Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei. This isn’t London.


Peace. Quiet. Solitude. Wildlife.

And a live chicken.


More trips are planned in the future, according to the guide Nazri. Check their website,, or social media sites.

A fortunate discovery on a very, very quiet afternoon. No tourist info available. I tried.


And the live chicken?

On the t shirt of a friendly young local lad, which read “ayam alive”. In Malay, ayam means chicken.

Yes, we all made it back alive.



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