Don’tWorry, About a Thing…


We were in a hurry. A real hurry.

Problem is, no one else in Placencia was. It’s the Caribbean.

My sister and I had just booked a last minute impulsive stay on a tiny island in the barrier reef off Belize, so we had one afternoon to find, buy and post wedding gifts for our cousin.

We dismantled the laundry that was our hotel room after previously fleeing floods in Honduras. Checked out. Bolted to the markets. Found one item. Another. Needed more. Quickly.

Saw some beautiful fabric in a shop.

“She’ll love it” my sister affirmed.

Shop closed.

“When will it open?” we asked locals.

“Don know maan”

Kept searching. Came back to shop. No. Not open.

Hurry became panic. We still had to wrap gifts and organise transport to the atoll.

The beauty of impulse.

Finally the shop opened. Secured the fabric, then conjured up wrapping paper.

Rushed to the post office. Thank goodness it was 4.40.

“We be closin” said Mr. Postman.

“But it’s not 5pm” argued the Aussies bought up on a diet of presumed punctuality.

“We be closin”

But when your travel buddy resembles Charlize Theron, things get done.



Package inspected, documented, sealed and sent to one very happy bride.

I’d go back to Belize and explore more of the country as well as the reef, including the famous Blue Hole.

Yes, I’d go back in a hurry.

Published on, May 2016.

Image: Rachelle Blake.


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