Lactic Intolerance Rates on the Rise Among Aussie Youth.


A new report from the Australian Pediatric Society (APS) has found that the rate of intolerance to lactic acid among Australian youth has increased dramatically in recent years.

The disturbing findings from the nation’s peak youth medical body demonstrate a growing intolerance to the chemical which is released into the body during strenuous physical activity.

“Year by year, more young Australians are presenting as lactic intolerant” stated the report.

“This syndrome can be directly attributed to decreased levels of regular physical activity among Australian youth.”

The APS collected data from tests conducted at health facilities, sports clubs, school holiday camps and primary and secondary schools throughout the country.

Children aged from 5 – 18 were put through various tests such as running, jumping, and playing, which were designed to induce the build up of lactic acid in their muscles. It was discovered that most participants stopped the activity immediately upon feeling the effect of lactic acid in their system.

“The most common symptoms of lactic intolerance were whingeing, quitting, excuses, tiredness, collapsing, shortness of breath or the production of a letter from their parents explaining how their lactic intolerance prevented them from participating in any physical activity.” explained an APS spokesperson.

Feedback from sports teachers and recreation staff throughout the country confirmed these results, which indicate the potential for a national epidemic in years to come.

The APS also asked young people to complete surveys regarding physical activity and the answers indicated a severe restriction in the time and space for free play and a common perception that the outdoors was a place of danger.

Many also complained that there was no App that could cure them of their lactic intolerance.

Compounding the sobering statistics is the distressing revelation from the APS that the syndrome is on the rise despite a free, simple and remarkably accessible cure.

“Do some exercise.”

Parents whose children present with symptoms of lactic intolerance are advised to contact their local sports club immediately.


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