Sonny Bill Williams to Represent N.S.W. and Qld. in 2016 Origin.


Code swapping footballer Sonny Bill Williams will play State of Origin for both New South Wales and Queensland as well as fighting a boxing match at half time of each game.

The proud Kiwi signed an historic contract during a meeting at The Clovelly Hotel, which will see him play Game 1 for NSW, Game 2 for Queensland and Game 3 for the state which has wrapped up the series, or which is first able to transfer funds into an account in Panama.

“I was talking to James Tamou, and he said, ‘Origin is sweet as bru’ – so I told my manager to get me a contract straight away” revealed Williams.

“I decided to play for both teams because fighting and conflict are not part of my core value system.”

The decision to assign Williams to NSW for Game 1 is believed to have been based on immediate merchandising considerations, rather than the need to bolster the Blues’ off-loading capabilities.

The unique contract also allows for Williams to continue playing Rugby Union for New Zealand as he fights for a prize place in the Sevens team for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.


The boxing matches were initially supposed to feature the famous Klitschko brothers during half time of game 1 and 2, before rumours circulated that the famous sibling pugilists would instead don a blue or maroon jersey.

“Unfortunately this looks highly unlikely” conceded a NRL spokesperson.

“Eligibility was not an issue for the Hamburg based Ukranian boxers, as one of them once drank a XXXX, but Vitali and Wladimir are adamant that they will never face each other on opposite sides of a battle field.”

As a result, Williams looks set to fight one of the large number of spirited Canterbury Bulldogs fans who have volunteered themselves for the role.

In the meantime, hundreds of young boys in Sydney have been downloading the ANZ Stadium security protocol in anticipation of securing a 2016 State of Origin winner’s medal.





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