Chris Froome’s Elbows to be Knighted.


The famous elbows of British cyclist Chris Froome are to be awarded a Knighthood in recognition of their contribution to his career and their service to the sport of cycling in The United Kingdom.

The protruding elbows will be blessed with the ceremonial sword while Froome kneels with his head down, staring at the ground, during the unique ceremony at Buckingham Palace, after which the British Royal Family will grant him the title,’Sir Humerus’.

“On behalf of my elbows, I humbly accept this great honour. It is an even greater honour for my elbows to be recognised by their adopted country” said the softly spoken Kenyan born cyclist, who himself was awarded an OBE in 2015.

The unique honour earns Froome and his elbows the right to various lands, with very steep hills, and the rights to unpaid labour to clean his bike and cycling kit.

The elbows will become the first individual body part of an athlete to be cast in bronze and displayed at The British Museum . A similar honour is thought to have been suggested for Marco Pantani’s ears, but he was not a British citizen, and for Thomas Voeckler’s facial expressions, but the latter are impossible to accurately recreate.

National cycling coaches will henceforth be instructed to teach young athletes to adopt the ‘head down – elbows out’ posture which has carried Froome to numerous victories, including overall honours in the Tour de France in 2103 and 2015.

The award comes during an era when British cycling is enjoying renewed success with the likes of fellow Knights Sir Bradley Wiggins and Sir Chris Hoy achieving great honours in the sport.


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