Proposal to Burn Greg Hunt Rejected by Energy Sector.


Representatives of Australia’s Energy sector have rejected a proposal to burn Federal Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt.

The representatives made a combined statement in response to a call for the minister to be burned in order to provide fuel for various homes and businesses throughout the country.

“Greg Hunt lacks substance…” led the statement, “…and is thus an inefficient fuel source.”

The statement then explained that many energy providers throughout the world are moving towards fuel sources which deliver greater efficiency and less harmful side effects to the natural environment and that a fuel such as Greg Hunt does not fit into this paradigm shift.

The statement then cited evidence from The Weather Makers, by Tim Flannery, to explain how burning Greg Hunt would be akin to burning brown coal.

“Because it is full of impurities, and is often so wet that some of it must be burned just to dry the fuel that enters the furnaces, brown coal is the most polluting of all fuels”

“…the more carbon-rich a fuel, the more danger it presents to humanity’s future.”

Such an inefficient fuel source would also be less likely to return economic or social benefits to a large number of people in the future, stressed the statement, and should be something that is consigned to history.

“Mr. Hunt is not a cost effective fuel source.  In the modern era of expediency and demand for greater profit margins, the quality and quantity of his output renders him superfluous to the needs of the Australian energy sector. For this reason, we have decided to reject the proposal to burn Greg Hunt.”




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