Clearing of Native Bush Land Saving Countless Lives: Australian Government.


The Australian Government has boasted of the number of lives saved as a result of the recent large scale clearing of native bush land throughout the country.

Representatives from the Liberal and Labor parties were responding to mounting criticism from various sectors of the community of the approval of land clearing activities at local and national level.

“Clearing bush land saves lives. Pure and simple” declared Federal Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, speaking on behalf of the two parties.

“Reducing bush land successfully reduces the number of species, including myriad dangerous species which are found in this country and pose a threat to humans.”

The statement then cited statistics which proved exactly how many lives were previously lost to animals such as spiders, alligators and deadly snakes such as anacondas. Following large scale clearing, these animals, and with them the threat, have been almost completely eradicated.

“Statistics also prove the undeniable truth that deadly animals claim far more lives every year in Australia than killers such as heart and lung disease, road accidents and suicide.”

The announcement also alluded to research by Professor Juan Tonteria which proved that “…when sufficiently provoked, even Koalas can be deadly.”

Specific and measurable benefits of the program were also revealed in the statement.

“The elimination of native wildlife is expected to alleviate the stress on precious resource companies which will establish operations in these areas and on the residents of mass housing schemes which are planned for construction.”

“A stated and realistic goal of this policy is to protect the lives of employees and residents by ensuring that they never interact with animals in their natural habitat – ever.”

The statement then expressed the desire for the land clearing to continue well into the future.


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