Greg Hunt: Save the Drop Bears!


Australia’s Federal Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt has vowed to save Australia’s iconic Drop Bears from extinction as his latest Green initiative.

The policy was launched during a special twilight press conference on the edge of the Talbingo Pine Forest, in south west NSW, and comes on the back of his announcement as the Best Minister in the World at the World Summit in UAE.

Bearing a headlamp and glancing skywards, Mr. Hunt proudly released details of his latest effort to protect Australia’s delicate eco system.

“Drop Bears are a famous feature of Australia’s landscape, and tales of these shy, cuddly creatures have enthralled international visitors for many years” stated the minister.

“The federal government has struck an agreement with logging companies to protect various sections of the pine forest at different times of the year in order to protect the Drop Bears. We have also created a special anti-poaching group to prevent the loss of these animals.”

Mr. Hunt cited the policy as evidence of his department’s “…realistic, pragmatic, grounded and pro-active…” work to protect the country’s natural wonders. He then responded to criticism of the plan with a slightly veiled dig at certain ‘destructive’ social and political groups who would “…rather hug a tree than see it cut down.”

Local resident and timber plantation employee Daryl praised the new initiative.

“I’m out here every day in my Timbco…” he stated proudly “…and I love Drop Bears. Animals like this make Australia the greatest nation on earth and policies like this make Greg the best minister in the world.”

When asked if he was concerned for his safety while working among Australia’s most notoriously vicious animals, Daryl replied,

“…na mate, I’ve got my shottie in the back here.”



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