Greg Hunt to Refrain from Speaking during Earth Hour.


Australia’s Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt has vowed to remain silent during Earth Hour in a bid to combat global warming.

The Minister pledged to honour the event which aims to raise awareness of environmental issues and the global challenge of combating climate change.

“A popular adage in the promotion of sustainability is ‘Think Global, Act Local’ and I have made a personal commitment to reduce the amount of hot air in the atmosphere by remaining silent during Earth Hour” said Mr. Hunt.

“Many people believe that the actions of one person cannot make a significant impact in the battle against climate change and the task can seem overwhelming…” he continued,

“…but, I am living proof that one seemingly small act can make a huge difference to the world’s climate.”

Mr. Hunt then explained that his silence would accompany, and not replace, the traditional worldwide practice of reducing the use of electricity during Earth Hour.

“To combat the dependence on coal based fuels, we encourage all Australians to follow our lead and power essential devices through the use of generators only.”

Mr. Hunt also advised Australians not to regard the event as an inconvenience but, instead, to embrace and enjoy the ‘hour sans power’.

“…just as my family and friends will enjoy one hour without being reminded that I was voted Best Minister in the World recently.”



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