Tony Abbott Urges Australians to Overcome Diversity.


Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott implored Australians to overcome diversity during an impassioned speech to school students today.

“We must stay strong in the face of diversity” he demanded.

“We must defend the traditional values upon which our great nation was built. 200 years ago the early European settlers overcame diversity by bearing arms against it. In doing so they laid the foundations for the society in which we live today.”

Mr. Abbott then drew upon more Australian icons to strengthen his plea.

“The bronzed Aussie faces growing levels of diversity every summer as all Aussies flock to our beaches. The actions of a small but vocal minority of true blue Aussies , including those at Cronulla, demonstrated that diversity can be met head on…” adding “…defending our way of life is about more than merely strutting around in a pair of speedos.”

He then issued the teenage audience this warning about social media.

“Excessive exposure to certain forms of media, even national media, can distract you from the daily struggle against diversity” he warned

“Many of you, I’m sure, are huge fans and users of social media, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Even I use it. Remember, however, that online exist groups and individuals whose message and agenda, which may at first appear attractive, is aimed solely at the erosion of our resistance to diversity.”

The Prime Minister closed the speech with a rousing call to arms.

“Cowering in the face of diversity will allow destructive elements to establish a foundation in this country. It is you, as the future of our nation, who must ensure that we overcome diversity.”




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