Facebook Asks Terrorists to Commit One Attack at a Time.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has called upon the world’s major terrorist organisations to carry out their attacks in a coordinated manner in order to allow facebook users to update their cover photos appropriately.

The young billionaire posted the request on his official facebook page following a series of terror attacks which were conducted simultaneously throughout the world and which prompted a large scale update of profile photos.

“Please decide upon a schedule and spread out attacks…” read an excerpt from the post “… in order for our users to instigate change in the world and fight against injustice by updating their photos.”

“It is becoming very difficult for our users to practice social activism when various atrocities are committed simultaneously. Many of our users had just become comfortable with expressing their support for same sex marriage when they were forced to replace the rainbow with a design expressing sympathy for the victims of the latest atrocity.”

“Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly difficult for our art department to keep up with the demand for designs which express this sympathy as our page can only cater for two atrocities at once – on a cover photo and a profile photo.”

Zuckerberg suggested that the most prominent terrorist organisations create a facebook group and use a suitable organisational app to establish a timetable for attacks. He then invited them to share his post with their contacts.



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