Greg Hunt to Contest Eurovision 2016

Australia’s federal environment minister Greg Hunt has announced his candidacy for Eurovision Song Contest 2016 after being announced best minister in the world at the World Government Summit in Dubai, UAE.

Mr. Hunt will contest the finals of the famous musical event in Stockholm, Sweden, in an effort to bring yet another meaningful and deserved award back to his homeland.

“I am immensely proud to have been chosen as the best minister in the world and would like to bring more glory to the great nation of Australia through participation in this year’s Eurovision song contest”, announced a statement from his office.

“The judges at the World Government Summit were clearly impressed by the efforts of myself and my party to reduce carbon emissions in Australia and I hope the judges in Sweden will recognize my achievements in another sphere.”

Mr. Hunt has apparently not yet chosen a song for Eurovision but a source close to the minister suggested Midnight Oil’s ‘Blue Sky Mine’ and ‘River Runs Red’ are being considered.

Opponents of the move highlighted the minister’s lack of credentials for involvement in Eurovision, such as the fact that he is not European and has no background in the performing arts.

“Since taking office as minister for the environment, the carbon tax has been abolished, the Abbot Point coal terminal has been granted permission to expand and greenhouse gas emissions in this country have increased, so clearly credentials are not an issue in the awarding of various international prizes”, replied the minister’s office.

Mr. Hunt also hinted that he may participate in July’s World Championship of Performing Arts, in The USA, in an attempt to win yet another highly coveted international award. There he will face contestants from world entertainment powerhouses such as Abkhazia, Brunei, Karabakh, Zimbabwe and the Northern Mariana Islands to be named world’s best performer.


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