Telstra Releases Waiting App

Telstra has announced the release of the W8T App for customers who are on hold with a customer service representative or are waiting for the arrival of a Telstra technician to their home or business.

Prominent features of the App include a list of excuses for failure to deliver a promised service and a list of recommended activities to be undertaken while waiting.

“This App is very exciting…” read a statement from Telstra.

“It is hoped the downloadable list of excuses will eliminate this step from the service delivery process and lead to even greater efficiency”.

Among the recommended activities which customers can undertake while waiting are ‘doing the ironing’, ‘helping the kids with their homework’, ‘writing a PhD thesis’ and ‘facilitating the roll out of a National Broadband Network’.

Customers are also encouraged to use the App to upload photos of themselves engaged in these activities onto Telstra’s various social media platforms.

“We expect a high level of engagement with this App from our client base…” continued the statement “…and hope to make the App available to our esteemed customers in regional Australia in the near future.”


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