A showcase of my writing across various genres and a wide range of topics. A place of escape for readers interested in sustainability, fiction, sport, travel, education, the outdoors, sociology and satire. A contact point for businesses and organisations searching for an experienced content writer and editor.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kieran.

    Fuck you, and your shit article in the beast.

    I will make sure and take my Dog to MacKenzies Bay more frequently from now on.

    Up yours.



  2. Just thought you might like to know that Clayton’s definitely wasn’t a no-alcohol beer.
    It was some sort of cordial (maybe a bitters mix).
    Minor point, but might as well get the facts right.
    Keep on writing: you’re good at it.


  3. I hope for this countries sake that what you write is not true, Scott Morrison employing sexual predators, that Craig wells raped my girlfriends daughter that filthy piece of shit, Darren haine is not any better, omg I cannot believe this


    1. Hi Karen. Thanks for the feedback. No, it’s not true, it’s satire. I was making the point that politicians and staffers often behave just as badly as footballers. Most footballers get punished, most politicians and staffers don’t – some even get promoted.


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